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  • Christmas in Ethiopia’s Highlands, Travelling Beyond Fine Art Photography

    Newly built health centers have IPPS facilities as they're constructed for the motive. however, a number of the antique facilities which had been built for different purposes but modified to fitness facilities lack adequate IPPS facilities and right dangerous waste disposal structures. o the stairs in identity, segregation and disposal of unsafe waste are not adhered to in all health facilities

    site screening for construction of recent health centers have to make sure that production will no longer negatively effect herbal habitats and bodily cultural resources, as indicated in the bank‟s core precept 2 of BP nine:00

     There are efforts to comply with the financial institution‟s center principle 2, with the view to reducing the poor influences on the environment and those in the creation of new health centers. as an instance, screening of websites is especially finished by a committee (constituting community representatives and woreda officers) set up to pick creation sites.   

    The KII and focused group discussions in the course of the sphere visit have found out a number of demanding situations related to web page screening for creation of latest health centers. those consist of

    despite the fact that site alternatives are made with the aid of committees, which represent members from the network and woreda officials, and requirements of hospital creation also are to be had, environment and social hazard issues will be encountered at a later level. as an example, on the visited Homosha health center, the waste disposal pit turned into encroached by way of recently settled residents because of the absence of a fence that is a have to for all health facilities to defend citizens and animals against capability health dangers and scientific waste.

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  • Witness the festivals of Ethiopia

    Healthcare Waste control Directive No. sixteen/2013. In its numerous articles, this Directive provides that, Healthcare specialists or waste handlers, waste delivery or transfer personnel, incinerator operators, and so on. shall put on proper non-public protecting device whose materials from which they're manufactured from should satisfy across the world standard requirements given that most of the health centers were built before the standards have been set, the expertise of the health providers toward protection is confined. in addition, the inspection is carried out on regions that have been no longer idea or planned previously, and those have made supervision difficult continuing expert development (CPD) tenet for health experts and in-service schooling inside the fitness sector was evolved in 2013 through FMOH. CPD refers to all sports health professionals adopt formally for you to develop their expertise, abilties and attitudes in response to the health carrier wishes of the public. Strengthening the tracking and assessment of the implementation of the suggestions and directives for persevering with professional development (CPD). This should be sponsored by means of non-stop commitment of control to address the remarks collected from the monitoring and evaluation. o evaluate the health worker retention and incentive package deal and identify regions for improvement.

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  • Ethiopia : Vitality of an ancient land

    The 2013 ESSA mentions that the FMOH has advanced complete set of requirements and engineering designs streamlined for production of all fitness facilities in Ethiopia. similarly, the FMOH, through its making plans and challenge department, has organized and posted in 1998 a Civil Works Implementation tick list (minimum requirements); a website selection standards (minimum necessities) report. those documents are being used in rehabilitation and construction works of health centers.

    In 2014 a Small Scale medicine establishment Directive No. 26/2014 become issued. The directive covers the difficulty of web site screening adequately. It specifies that small scale medicine producing companies need to be located in locations where they don‟t motive poor affects to the surroundings and the society

    All newly constructed health centers are required to have certificates of competency (they're required to meet the 4 playstation - experts, product, premises and practices) before they start presenting provider.

    Small Scale remedy established order Directive No. 26/2014, which effectively includes the want for device installation and use of the essential health related equipment inside the small scale medication production firms.  as an instance, it affords in its Article 12 that the vicinity, design, materials and device, their format, and many others. shall aim to decrease dangers on human beings, the drugs and the encompassing

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  • The Intricately Carved Tiya Megaliths of Ethiopia

    The Tiya stones are a part of an archaeological website placed in primary Ethiopia, in a place known as the Gurage quarter. The forty six large, adorned Tiya megaliths had been declared a UNESCO international background web page. despite the fact that the construction of such megaliths is an historic subculture in Ethiopia, the Tiya stones are pretty ‘latest’, dating to sometime between the 10th and fifteenth centuries. Remarkably little is understood approximately the Tiya stelae, past descriptions of their physical look. these big monuments probable had some cultural importance whilst erected, however their meaning remains doubtful and very few efforts had been made in the direction of information these astonishing monoliths.

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  • Walk with pilgrims on a journey to Lalibela, Ethiopia’s New Jerusalem : CNN

    In terms of performance, the actual site screening is executed by using areas and woredas. but, the Directorate prepares relevant website selection criteria, coordination and inspection of the work. The site selection standards evolved in 1998 does now not have environmental impact and threat standards inside the web site selection screening forms for all fitness facilities. in addition, it does now not ensure that the screening is specific in addressing natural habitats and bodily cultural sources considerations on the way to avoid siting fitness centers in areas that might effect either or both

    however, with regard to public and employee protection, the directorate complies with the recommendations prepared by the Ethiopian authorities Public Procurement agency related to components and specification of bid documents for creation of government homes and civil works

    however, there are demanding situations related to enjoyable the required HCWM resources and ensure continuous employees commitment in implementing waste segregation practices at the facility level.  moreover, antique centers and people constructed before the standard health facilities layout become operationalized locate it hard to properly enforce waste management approaches and additionally satisfy public and employees protection requirements.

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